Famous People from Pittsburgh

What do you think of when you hear the Pittsburgh, PA? Do you think of famous people who are from that city? Of course you do! Some of the most well-known people who live there are Benjy Wertheimer, John Lawrence Sullivan and Jack Lemmon. The following paragraphs will tell you about some of the famous people who have come to the ‘Friendly City.

Benjy Wertheimer is a famous musician. He was born in Pittsburgh and he grew up playing guitar in jazz clubs. In his later years he went into acting but did not live in Pittsburgh. He has had movie roles in such films as ‘Catch Me If You Can’ and ‘The Game’. Other famous people who are from Pittsburgh include Wanda Jackson (actress), George Clooney (actor) and Kate Winslet (actresses).

John Lawrence Sullivan is another well-known name. He is a singer, songwriter and actor best known for his stage performances. He worked with such artists as Ella Fitzgerald andarted songs for The Supremes. John Lydon is another famous people who are from Pittsburgh.

Jack Lemmon was an award-winning writer and producer who wrote such movies as ‘Muffin Rock’. He also became famous as the co-writer of ‘A Christmas Story’. Many people like Roger Moore, Steve McQueen and Ben Gazzarra hail from the city. Richard Melville is another famous name from the Steel City.

If you are wondering where these famous people who are from Pittsburgh studied their degree, you can find some clues on the web. One of the most prominent examples is Richard Melville who studied in the University of Michigan. Before that he studied architecture at the University of Illinois. Before that, he worked for several years at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California.

He received two degrees, a Masters in Business Administration and a Ph.D in Public Administration. Richard Melville might not be as well-known as some of these people, but he does deserve the mention. His achievements are nearly unachievable by any of today’s college graduates. Richard Melville earned his nickname due to his work ethic.

The other famous one from Pittsburgh is Wayne Gretsky. Even though he was once known as a hockey player with the Flyers, people have always recognized him as the actor who played the Wildcat in the movie. You might not have heard of him before, but if you have seen his movies, you would recognize this face.

There are also quite a few famous people who are from Pittsburgh that you might have never heard of. For instance, Tom Selleck was born in Pittsburg. He became an underwater photographer and later a scuba diver. David Bowie was born in Britain, in Brighton. He went on to become one of the most popular and influential musicians of all time.

There are just so many famous people who are from Pittsburgh. Some of them are remembered by us because of their achievements, while others were simply famous for something they did. For those individuals who we might not have met personally, we can at least see their faces on TV, in magazines, or on the internet. To know more about these famous people from Pittsburgh, there are several websites that offer such databases. You can even print out pictures of some of your favorite stars and dig up some more of the famous people who are from Pittsburgh.